Working with a buyers agent can give you a huge advantage when navigating a competitive real estate market like ours. Our agents have the knowledge and experience to help you confidently make informed decisions.

So you'd like a house in Asheville? Where do you start? And how can we help? The answer is - it depends. Are you a first time home buyer, are you looking for an investment or a second home, do you need to sell to buy? There are a lot of factors that come into play when exploring the possibilities of purchasing a home. Below you will find some resources that might help you start your process. If and when you're ready - give a call and we can talk over the details of your situation to create a plan of action to help you acheive your goals.

Evaluate your finances and starting with your current savings, your current debt situation, and your credit score. I have a number of preferred lenders who can assist.

Ada is an awesome realtor. Jim and I were with her less than three hours when we knew she was the one to help us find a dream house in Ashville. Her knowledge of the area and quick ability to find the details we needed allowed us to make a decision on the home we wanted
— Kay P